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Awake the Genius in you through Imagination - 2012-05-24

A wise man said "every human mind is a great slumbering power until awaken by a keen desire and definite resolution to do so".You do not have to wait until you achieve a great feat to become a genius. When you do little things in great ways then you are already unleashing the genius in you. The average human has an element of genius inherent in them; it is the realization of this unlimited potential that connects us to possibility world of no limits. Creative thinking is an exploration process that takes you to the realm of imagination. It is exploring the unlimited resources of the mind. Man is limited physically, but when he moves to the realm of the mind, he can do just about anything (Sam Adeyemi).It is this realm that great men like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Pythagoras operated. Imagination defies all limitation and time. Even God Almighty respects man when it comes to the realm of imagination; He is limited to where we limit our imagination. If this is true, then why are we sleeping geniuses? The answer is does a baby elephant need pray to become large? No! Why? A baby elephant already has large body capacity genes and only needs to feed on what elephants feed on. Friends, lets begin to tap into the world of no limits. The principle is, whatever you can imagine in the realm of the mind can be translated into material equivalent. Everything existing on the surface of the earth today first existed in the realm of imagination of someone mind.